Beneteau First Class 10

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12.09.2009 - 13.09.2009 
Big Races


This race we might skip.

first of all its KNS and to my mind they are not very good in organising this race. They do all kinds of strange stuff like starting procedures that are not the same as usual and last year thay cheated us form winning by cancelling the first race. Secondly the races the week before and after are more interresting.

BTW here comes a funny story: KNS does strange stuff in other races as well. The most hillarious was when our former boat Spurven was regrouped with much faster boats after winning the class in the Færdern race. I got to know that the boat that came second that year is a KNS member who does all kinds of moves to once in his life time win Færdern. The year after we were banned from the class we ought to sail and his handicap was lowered. Spurven was removed even though there were a couple of boats with a much higher sail rating (relation between sail area and weight) These were a couple of Maxi Racers.

I made a hell of a fuzz but nothing helped. These people are dorks and are harming the sailing sport.

The year after was the last year i sailed Spurven. We were leading the group according to sms-results when we finished racing. The group consisted of poor little us and a bunch of boats with almost 10% higher rating, much bigger and faster boats. Though they let us have the rating it was a bad deal. Only in the absence of wind we made it to the lead, but then we had it and finished racing. I honestly dont think we would have made it to the finish line that year even if we went on. The wind finally picked up and a couple of boats made it to the finish line before the deadline. But even if we continued racing form a lead possition half ways through we would not have made it. Sad story, but luckily KNS cant and wont touch the Express class but they must be very annoyd that this is the biggest class in their biggest race :)



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Kongelig Norsk Seilforening, Royal Norwegian Yacht Club