2011 season under planning

I have just signed up for a new and fascinating regatta, the Watski TwoStar Coast regatta.

This is a new addition to the magnificient doubble handed Watski Twostar regatta. This regatta has been classified on level 2 which means large investments on security systems in addition to expensive security ceritficaitons was needed. Also all boats needed to be above a certain rating making participation from little guys like us impossible.

The coast race is similar but one legg shorter, it goes from Hankø to Arendal and back and the security requirements are more "normal". All boats with short-hand rating above 1.10 are allowed so here we go!!! (ours is 1.11)

So far only a few have signed up, i think because many people still dont know about this new format. Check it out here:




We sailed the Ulabrand race.Not a lucky race for us, not now and not before.Remember last time two years ago we were leading and the committee canceled the race because it was supposedly unfair because of little wind. Little wind in the first race this year as well and coincidents played a big role plus boats with low rating had little chance. But no cancelling, which i find good. Weather conditions that are changing are part of the game and the race two years ago should never have been cancelled.

Second race was nice with even wind but a bit too much for us so that the longer hulls had an advantage. But we were satisfied with our sailing, we did very few errors. We ended third of five. Nice days on the fjord and some nice pictures.


David vs. golliath :) It looks almost weird that they dont shadow us, but the distance is more than it looks on this photo. We were controlling them nicely and they were not able to pass us during this leg....


Who has the best spinnakker trim? Keeping up with much higher rated boats.

Sucesses this summer

This summer has been successful for us: in June we won our class in Sætrekruset. Though this is a less serious race there are some pretty good sailors participating every year and winning was great!!!

In August we were sailing the autumn regatta of Oslo Seilforening. We won the seven races with 1,3,3,4,1,1,1. Its the first time we had such success in a cource race (baneseilas). Also we were reduced to two since Siri was ill. The wind was building on Saturday and bit too much to keep in front of the dragons who benefitted from stronger winds, but the last three races on sunday were perfect, the wind was less. We almost missed the very last bouy because they moved the windward mark and we were not observant enough, though the signaling was according the book.

This was also the second chapter of the lokal championship of Oslo and Akershus. (Kretsmesterskap) the results were announced with us second. In the first chapter , Bundefjorden Rundt, we sailed express class and this did not count. But later it turned out to be an error by the race comittee, the winners did not even participate in Bundefjorden Rundt. The error has been rectified and we are officially district champions in small LYS-class.

Mentioning Bundefjorden Rundt we came second in our class (Express) and four over all so moraly we have really deserved the price :)

Videos from OSF

Oslo Seilforening were we sail tuesdays have this wonderful arrangement with the extreemly knowledgable Bjørn Mørland Pedersen as trainer who films every race. Here are two videos showing some things we do right and some stupid things.





Færdern 2010


The big event of the year!

The annual Færdern race is one of the biggest overnight regatta in the world. This year it had everything and turned out to be a triel in endurance.


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