A long way to go but some good attitude

Here is a update from this year so far. The startup with the new boat has been a story of many set backs and slow progress. It was "samling på bånn" as we say. getting your things together and start from the very bottom. Also the spring season was spoiled because of a vey tuff and enduring virus that hit me.

Further on we have had many breakages. first the furling broke in our very first regatta. it was blowing 20 knots. The former owner helped replacing. New sails were purchased. The spinnakker was far too small, the new one is 94 m2.

On the Hollænder race first the genua lead came out through the dekk and then the new furlex broke. Now we need to upgrade the furlex and repair the genua lead.

 Despite this we made it to a 17th place of 28. Also in the club races we start slowly to climb. We have yet to have a race without major errors, but boat speed seems to be improving slowly. It is peculiar though that in this beginners state we seem to be able to do well in the starts. Too well some times as the video below shows, but better be at the line when the signal goes and some times above than being far too late as some of the others.

Despite the resistance we have had great joy pleasure sailing :) this winter will be dedicated to boat improvement and to training. The boat will be in the water and available for a sail when ever the weather permits it.

First Class 10


A new chapter has started: the accident triggered the next step of our sailing adventure. The plan was to sail Express one or two seasons more and then opt for something bigger faster and more confortable. After being stuck on land without the boat i got inspired and the result is the purchase of a First Class 10.



Its a cool fast and still confortable boat. We need to upgrade the sails though. I will take over the boat in a couple of days. Reports will follow.

Disaster struck!


Friday the 8th April there was a storm in the region that blew over several trees and even some roofs where damaged, the biggest damage on the roof of a school on nearby Drammen. And off course several sailboats stored on land where falling over. And one of them was mine :)

We launched the boat last monday and it was not leaking, so we brought it to Bærum Plastservice in Holmen.

The damage was quite big, the hull had a few points where the damage was going through the hull and the keel reinforcement needs to be replaced. Luckily nobody was injured and the near by Spurven was not hit.

Now we will have a delaied start of the season, but hopefully we can borrow a boat for the first big race, Bundefjorden Rundt on may 7.

The season is over


Another season is over, the boat is out of the water and stored on Gressholmen for the winter.

It has been a very good season:

We got a second place in Bundefjorden Rundt and a very nice over all placement with a fourth place.

We won in Sætrekruset with a very good margin.

and we won OSF autumnregatta with four wins of seven races, this also qualified for the district championship.

Not to mention 7th in Færder race which is probably our best achievemnt.

The placement in the club cups are not very impressive, due to too much DNS. We plan to do a better effort next year! Now winter is coming and we look forward to the next season but first quite a long list of repairs and maintenance.

2011 season under planning

I have just signed up for a new and fascinating regatta, the Watski TwoStar Coast regatta.

This is a new addition to the magnificient doubble handed Watski Twostar regatta. This regatta has been classified on level 2 which means large investments on security systems in addition to expensive security ceritficaitons was needed. Also all boats needed to be above a certain rating making participation from little guys like us impossible.

The coast race is similar but one legg shorter, it goes from Hankø to Arendal and back and the security requirements are more "normal". All boats with short-hand rating above 1.10 are allowed so here we go!!! (ours is 1.11)

So far only a few have signed up, i think because many people still dont know about this new format. Check it out here: