Tuesday regatta with the IOD Princess


IOD Princess

I am borrowing Espen Akers (Aker Sails) IOD Princess. This is a very cute little beauty classical wooden race boat. In Tønsberg is the only one design class with this boats. These are the little sisters of the famous IOD. I am truly enjoying it and feel I am back in the mode i used to be before the FC10. Simple plain sailing boat agains boat. I though the steering would feel much different with a long keeld boat. It is ages since last time. But it feels very familiar and I feel i have very good contact. Only small radius in and out of the berth is still a problem...

Here is more info (Norwegian only) www.princessklubben.no



Say what you want, no modern design beat them in grace!



Here is the beaty before rigging


on one of the first sails:

Nr14-web 2

Defne enjoying the grey weather. She loves wooden boats!

Nr14-web 3

Birgitte is a seasoned sailor. Shes at the helm.



After one of our tuesday regattas, docked besides brethren. Henning and Lars on the foredeck.

Skagen race

The 2015 Skagen Race was again a pleasant experience with full crew and a decent result in the upper half of the fleet.

DSC 0433-web


Pretty cold but luckily we were on a spinnakker run all the way through the night. Snorre, Jørgen and Preben.


DSC 0438-web


The combination of tiredness, sealegs and good danish beer is very efficient! Preben a while before he lost his phone. Helge is happy!


DSC 0437-web


And Snorre :)


DSC 0442-web


On the way home the first test of the new Assymetric!

Swedish coast 2014

Summer 2014


I compiled a small selection of videos from leisure sailing this summer. Enjoy!